How safe are Easy Rider's Motorbikes ?

Our Motorbikes are designed and built to be strong,stable and reliable. As Vietnam is a country with complex terrain, many mountains and hills, our drivers have many years of experience on these roads.

You can have peace of mind as our motorcycles have stood up to the test and will serve you well during your journey.

How Safe is travelling on a Motorbike?

We are always equipped with the best gear to protect you.

With the slogan " Safety-First ", we are always equipped with the best items to protect your health.

1. Helmets: Are always in good condition and comfortable. We offer three-quarters-length face Helmets that provide good protection.

2. Raincoats: in case of rain, we provide Raincoats (including a rain jacket and rain pants) to ensure you stay dry throughout your trip.

3. Luggage: Our motorcycles have a special custom-fitted rig to fit baggage of all sizes securely to the rear of the bike.


4. Knee pads & motorcycle jacket

How is Accommodation during the trip?

With 23 years of experience, we have carefully selected the best Hotels and homestays to offer you a wide range of great options. They are all clean, quiet, secure and comfortable. You can rest comfortably with a hot shower after a long day of riding.

What about Meals and Drinks ?

The price of our Tours do not include foods and drinks, however you will enjoy authentic Vietnamese Cuisine at a local price, far below what you would expect in the major cities.

What can I expect on typical day during our trip?

We can travel on average 150km a day with many stops in between. Stops include drinking coffee in a hammock overlooking a beautiful mountain valley or touring a waterfall hidden from the main road. There plenty of opportunities to stop and appreciate the natural beauty of Vietnam.

What if I have more questions?

Please drop us a line via our Contact page or click on the email address below.