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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Please come with us to discover and understand more about the culture, tradition and history of our homeland. If you want to make unforgettable memories on your Vietnam trip, the best way is on one of our motorcycle tours. we will show you examples of Vietnam's rich culture and history of your tailor- trip

- We are the founders of the Dalat Easyriders - in Dalat since 1991.
- We speak English and French.
- On our tours travellers can visit the central highlands, the mekong delta ,the Ho chi minh trails, see spectacular views, and learn all about the life of real local people and 54 ethnic minorities living in VietNam. This is the only way to get off the beaten track.
- Our tours have high standards, but our  prices can be  flexible,including discounts for students.
- We can cater for a range of dietary requirements.
- Our Guide are friendly, safe ,and extremely experienced . Many have done this for over 20 years.
- You will see and visit places you would never see on a traditional tour bus.
- Don't worry about accommodations!we will book your hotel and find your restaurants.Even vegetarian food for you.
Don't be afraid !!! Join us and hit the road to best enjoy Vietnam !!!
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Our Easyrider Tours


Dalat daily countryside tours for one day with 3 options

25 usd/person/per day


Dalat - Central Highlands - Nha Trang (3 days - 2 nights) - Motorbike tours from Dalat to Nha Trang, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day


Dalat - Central Highlands - Saigon (4 days - 3 nights) - Motorbike tours from Dalat to Saigon, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day


Dalat - Central Highlands - Hoi An (5 - 6 days) - Motorbike tours from Dalat to Hoi An, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day


Dalat - Central Highlands - Muine (2 - 4 days) - Motorbike tours from Dalat to Muine, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day


Dalat - Central Highlans - Mekong Delta (5 - 6 days) - Motorbike tours from Dalat to Mekong Delta, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day


Motorbike tours from Dalat to Hanoi, Vietnam (13 days - 12 nights)

70 usd/person/per day


Motorbike tours from Dalat to Cuc Phuong National Park to Hanoi, Vietnam

70 usd/person/per day

Some of our satisfied clients

Our Happy Clients Tourism

  • Ruud van den Akker

    Met Peter in the lobby of my hotel. Peter introduced me to my personal driver for today: Anh, the man who can. Together with him I drove a staggering 120km in and around the city of Dalat. A wonderfull day with plenty of explanation and (funny) stories. Its a busy day, but not to rushy. You can take the time you like, Ahn just waits for you. I enjoyed the places we went. Ok, if you travel you saw it all before, i mean another tempel, waterfall and so. But some things were special. I really liked the Weasel Coffee farm and the silkfarm. those sites where quite interesting. What I personally enjoyed the most was the cruising around. Being a part of the bizar hectic honking scooterdriving traffic was just fun. And meanwhile you will see the most incredible things along the road. I took a thousand pictures and shot hours of GoPro. Its all more than worth the money. And dont forget to tip the guy, they have a harsh life in Vietnam! Enjoy!

  • Alexander Brandenburg

    We got off the bus from Saigon to Da Lat and then there was this graying old man asking where we are going and if we need a hotel. I thought, "shucks- I thought this only happened in India." But after talking for a bit I got a good feeling so I checked out his credentials. His Easy Rider license checked out and he showed us some reviews from other people. I checked the web with wifi and it all looked on the up and up so I let him take me to the hotel. It was a great price and the people were as friendly as he said. I had some beer and tea later and enjoyed the family welcoming. We talked for some time about where to go and how long we are willing to stay. I have an adventurous nature so he recommended the 6 day trip. I really wanted to go but my girlfriend is not so adventurous so we planned a 3 day trip from Da Lat to Nha Trang. He didn't pressure us to add more or stay longer. Professional in conduct and very thoughtful as a tour guide. He helped us get stuff we would have forgotten, such as a rain coat, sun screen, lotion etc. He also let me borrow his jacket and gloves so I wouldn't get burned. He is a great host and guide. During the tour he was quite knowledgeable about Vietnamese industry, imports, exports, history, and relations with other countries. His English was great and he also spoke French. Along with the industrial and economic insights we got on the tour we also got to experience Vietnamese culture outside of the big cities. It was amazing how rural some of the places are. We would have for sure been lost without his help. He was conscience that we didn't know the roads so he didn't speed to far ahead and kept us safe. He really knows the people in the cities and we never stopped anywhere for a sale. All the prices we got for food and coffee were the Vietnamese prices so the money we paid him was well worth it in money saved for bike rental, hotel stays, and food. More importantly than that the experience was amazing. We took many pictures and most of the pictures in the scrapbook we are making will be from this 3 days out of the 20 we are staying in Vietnam. From America! Alexander Brandenburg!

  • Anne-Marie

    I had a really great trip in Vietnam with Peter! First, I have to say that I am not the kind of girl that usually takes the tour with guides. But the experience "Easy rider" that I have lived with Phillip and Peter has nothing to do with the other tours. Those men are really passionate, they speak well both English and French and they have a great sens of humor. We took the trip from Da Lat to Hoi An (6 days) and it was much better than taking the bus! Me and my friend were a little bit disappointed of our first days in the south of Vietnam because we found it really touristic, but we Phillip and Peter, we went in places 100% Vietnamese, we saw many minority villages and most of all, we have learned a lot about these wonderful culture . Plus, I was not sure if I was game enough to go on a motorbike, but i always felt safe with them and I had a lot of fun. If you would like to have this great experience, please contact petertour2002@yahoo.com. Anne-Marie from Canada

  • Viktor

    Motorbike trip from Da Lat to Hoian (6 days trip) I came to Vietnam with a vision of travelling along the east coast, however my plans changed after I had met Peter the "easy rider". I was heading from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Noi when I stopped for a night in Da Lat, and there I met him at the bus stop. I refused his offer to take me to the city and find a good accomodation for the first time, because according to my previous experience from Saigon, where I had been hounded by motorbike riders and decieved by a taxi driver, I simply didn´t feel comfortable to accept a first rider I met after had alighted from the bus.. But Peter looked really honest and friendly and offer me a good price, so I finally decided to go with him. After he had accommodated me for just $7 per night we discussed my next plans. I told Peter about my intention to travel to the most known places along the east cost of Vietnam, but he advised me to avoid that places as they are too much touristic and expensive and told me to ride a motorbike with him if I´m really keen to see the real Vietnam, not that touristic one. Peter is the first "easy rider" in the city of Da Lat since 1991, so he has a lots of experience and good reviews on his website, written by satisfied customers from around the world includes czech travelers. He didn´t have to persuade me, I was enthusiastic about his offer and wanted to go with him. Now I don´t regret my choice at all, because If I hadn´t decided to go with him, I would miss soo much! Peter knows so many interesting places I otherwise would never visited. I tried the most stunning meals of vietnamese cuisine I´ve ever eaten and everything very cheap and comfortable. Peter became my driver, my guide, but also a friend. Thank you for that spectacular experiance. I recommend you to contact Peter, If you are really looking for something different, than just ordinary experience. :-) Viktor from Czech republic

  • Borghild B

    A trip with Peter on his motorbike is the best way to see Vietnam. It is fun, interesting and a real adventure. I've travelled with him many times all over Vietnam, and I'll recommend his tours to anyone interested in seeing the "real" Vietnam, meet vietnamese people on the road, learn about the history and culture of this wonderful country and eat wonderful vietnamese food. Peter is a safe driver, he has a lot of knowledge and love for his country and he is nice company.